Testimonials – Mnenja udeležencev

The past few days here were incredible and mind-changing, especially since yesterday I could feel my heart opening, my ability to focus increase, and my anxiety decrease. Yesterday’s Yoga Nidra even made me not feel my body anymore, encouraging me again that I am indeed capable of calming down, and not spending my time organizing, figuring stuff out and freaking out from the stress I put myself in. What you are doing here is amazing and I couldn’t be more grateful. Your joy and passion for what you are doing are contagious – whatever your next retreat – I’ll be there! And to Maša and Nika: I have never had such tasty cruelty-free food! You clearly made this place feel even cozier and like home. You made me feel so well taken care of. Thank you with all my heart.

Dorothea, Austria



Dear Nuša, the yoga retreat was FANTASTIC. I love the way you lead your classes – today, for the first time, I was able to do Sun salutations with my eyes closed, and followed your voice with trust (and I am not a very trusting person, I always feel I need to have things under control). I think you are a great teacher and I wish you all the best!

Maja, Slovenia



First of all – thank you. Thank YOU, and thanks to the universe that brought me to your retreat. I learned so much from you and from myself. Nuša you are a wonderful soul. Thank you for your selfless sharing of knowledge. IThe food was amazing, every day I was looking forward to find new tasty meals! Before I came here I was thinking about removing meat from my diet, and you definitely inspired me to do so.

Elena, Slovenia



It’s been a great experience! I truly enjoyed my time here, I found it very special and relaxing. It exceeded my expectations. One can see that there is a lot of work and compassion put into this retreat, you pay attention to details and you spread good vibes. A big thanks goes to the cook Nika, I really enjoyed the meals, and I think this is a huge compliment from someone who cannot imagine not to eat meat for more than a day 🙂

Akos, Hungary



I loved everything about the retreat: the location, food and program! The long talks with similar-minded people were great. I often feel like people don’t understand me, but in your retreat I found the support I needed, and I know now that I’m on the ight path.

Katarina, Slovakia



Beyond expectations! I only regret that it wasn’t a few days longer. The location was fantastic, the rooms too, and the cook Nika is the best! I really feel rested and full of new energy after this retreat and I am looking forward to the next one!

Antonela, Slovenia



Thank you very much for this weekend and all your effort to make the most of the retreat. I could really feel your care. I enjoyed the yoga sessions very much. I’m still struggling with the meditation, but thank you for your guidance. I hope I can join again.

Dori, Hungary



I had a great time! The group of people was nice, the location and the food were amazing. I really liked the massage and the presentation of natural cosmetics and Mašina granola. I  will definitely come to one of your retreats again!

Nina, Slovenia