Yoga retreats – oddihi

How often do you take a break from your busy schedule to do something good for your body and soul, to really spend time away from the everyday routine, doing what you love? No matter what you reply, I would say not often enough 🙂

My yoga retreats allow you to do just that, at least once or twice a year. Taking a few days off to unplug from the busy everyday life, to enjoy nature, healthy food and yoga. I am organizing perfect getaways with small groups of similar-minded people, trying to keep the price affordable for everyone. Because everyone needs time for themselves.

Every retreat is unique, I never organize two retreats that are same. Every time I create a different story, with the help of the participants. I look for special locations and accommodations that allow us to connect with nature and make our experience even more powerful.

I make sure the food on my retreats is healthy, organic and plant-based. We always have Mašina granola, because I support my sister’s small business and effort to make this world a better place. I work with people and small businesses who have the same values as I do – who practice and live yoga, ahimsa – nonviolence, are sustainable and care for the planet.

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