Come join me on my next adventure!


My yoga trips include yoga, simplicity, authenticity, affordability, fun and looking for deeper meanings and connections.


Who are they for?

  • For everyone who would like to visit great places, but don’t want to go on their own. For everyone who is ready to travel in a group, meet similar-minded people and is ready to adapt to the group.
  • For all the curious, open-minded and adventurous travelers who want a real experience of the place we travel to, get out of their comfort zone, deepen their yoga practice, to indulge in the customs of the place and to bring new knowledge and broader horizons from it.
  • For everyone who is ready to walk a lot, to let go of expectations and surrender to the unpredictable flow of the travel, cultural differences, obstacles on the way, and embrace them 😊


Join me on one of my next trips!