Welcome to my Nush Yoga ONLINE Yoga Studio!

I’ve got your back!

Let me tell you a secret. This year, after two years of teaching in various locations, struggling with space availability and renting, I was planning to finally open my own yoga studio. Beautiful, spacious, bright, cozy, warm, with the door open for everyone. I never dreamed that this studio would be … ONLINE 😊

It’s interesting how quickly life can turn, canceling all our plans momentarily, and reminding us to stop looking so much into the future and be more present in this moment, right now. I realize that at this moment we can only speculate on what will happen in the coming months, but the forecasts are not promising … So let’s all meet in this moment right here, right now together, and see what we have available here and now.

Here and now we have the opportunity to establish good habits, a routine that will improve our quality of life, to practice in the comfort of your own home. With one click, we can access the best yoga practices in the world. With one click, I can also let you into my home yoga studio, which I promise is warm, friendly, personalized and its doors are always open to everyone 😊

My online yoga studio is for anyone who wants quality, regular classes, who wants to establish or maintain a routine, for anyone who needs any kind of support – hence the slogan: I’ve got your back! (in every sense 😉)

So welcome to my Nush Yoga Online yoga studio!

What do I promise you?

  • Yoga all day of the week in the morning and/or afternoon (two options: live or with videos if you cannot practice live – certain videos are only available for one week, so you have some motivation to do the exercises and that you keep the routine) – each class is different and unique, but we work on different aspects: from purely physical, for better physical well-being, to deeper work on oneself, self-discovery, overcoming various obstacles, etc.
  • 1 personal consultation, where we get to know each other better, tell me your wishes, questions
  • Individual approach, small groups
  • 1x a week meditation, pranayama, guided relaxation …
  • Continuous support, tips, genuine contact – you’re not just a number in a huge yoga studio
  • High quality images, videos, classes


Price for unlimited access to all content:

65eur / month
140eur / 3 months




For now, the schedule has only one class in English, but I will add more classes once I have enough students. So please let me know if you are interested, so I can schedule more classes accordingly.


The application process for each class is the same as it used to be: through Momoyoga.

To enroll please click on www.momoyoga.com/nushyoga, register and book your desired class. It is very important that you sign up, because a few minutes before the class I will send a link to join the session ONLY to those students who are BOOKED on the class. At Momoyoga you also select the class pass you want, click on the payment via TRR and you will receive payment instructions by email.

The new schedule will take effect on Monday, April 6th 2020. If you only want to practice once or twice a week, my usual class pass prices found on my site apply.

Anyone who has been financially affected by the crisis, please contact me and we will agree on a reasonable price together. Do not be embarrassed, we are all in this situation together.

If there is anyone among you who has not been affected by the crisis and would like to brighten up someone’s month, you can become a sponsor and buy a class pass for someone who cannot afford it. Let’s help each other.


I would like to thank you again for all your help and support in these tough times!



We are all heroes.

Stay calm and healthy.


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