What is your body telling you?



First of all, I apologize for not posting for a while now. I’ve been really busy with moving to the other side of the planet, getting a new job, and all that. After a month here I am all settled in, and trying to enjoy the benefits of this city. So this is my first post from my new home: Vancouver, Canada 😊

Since I got here I’ve had a pretty bad cold, I burned my both arms, and I cut my fingers several times. By accident, of course 😀 I am a clumsy person, but this was just too much clumsiness at once. So I decided to research it and I stumbled across this great book by Lise Bourbeau: Your body is telling you: Love Yourself! (The most complete book on metaphysical causes of illnesses and diseases).


I’ve known and felt for a long time that most of our diseases are psychosomatic. I was also talking about this in my Yoga Nidra workshop that I prepared last month. Many people (including my mom) laugh at me when I say that there is a psychological cause for every illness or injury. But there’s more and more scientific proof that this is true. And if you don’t believe these facts, at least believe what your body is telling you. The more you tune in and listen to yourself and your body, the more it makes sense.


I like the way Bourbeau says that every illness or disease indicates the need to change in our belief system and tells us that we have reached our physical and psychological limits. The body is communicating to us that our way of thinking (even if unconscious) is out of harmony with what is beneficial to our being. Modern medicine treats illnesses as enemies that are attacking the body, but in reality they are a gift whose purpose is to bring back the equilibrium in our being.

“The physical body does not create illness because the physical body can do nothing by itself. What maintains its life is our soul, our inner self. Illness is a direct result of an imbalance of the inner realm that is manifested in the physical body.” Lise Bourbeau


What I found really interesting (especially after hurting myself so many times!) was that there’s also a reason behind every accident. Accidents are usually a way to punish ourselves when we feel guilty about something. So the next time you accidentally kick into the side of the bed, or you burn yourself, just notice what you were thinking about when it happened. I’m sure you will discover something very interesting!


You don’t have to blindly believe everything that is written in this or any other book. It should be just a guide that helps you find the reasons behind your problems. And most of the time, if you really listen to your body, you will know exactly which causes are relevant in your case.

I am recommending this book because it helped me find some of the causes for my problems (step one) and now I can start working on resolving these issues (step two). I am definitely going to read more about metaphysical causes for diseases. If you know any other great book on the topic, please do let me know!


At this point I would like to recommend Yoga Nidra again. It’s a great way of releasing stress (which is the cause of many diseases today), but also in finding the reasons behind any of the problems you might have. If you would like to give it a try, let me know and I can make a guided relaxation just for you!


Thank you for reading! Have a wonderful June! 🙂


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