Everything is as it should be

At the end of today’s yoga class I invited everyone to set an intention for themselves, to choose a positive affirmation for the day, the week or the month, something they really felt they needed in that moment. Mine was “Everything is just the way it’s supposed to be.”

I find it much more comforting than the saying “Everything is going to be all right”. It implies that everything is not all right now, and leaves us uncertain about when things are going to get better. When focusing on the present moment there is no space for fears or worries.


I’ve been having a hard time for the last couple of days, but the moment I thought about this affirmation, I felt calmer. It brought my awareness into the present moment (even if only for a short time) and in that moment I knew everything was just as it should be. Everything is a lesson. It all happens for a reason. If it wasn’t for hard times like this, I wouldn’t be who I am today.

I have to remind myself of that more often 😊 I am grateful for every lesson.

What is your affirmation of the day? Share it with me in the comments.



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