Be rich with time not money

I love to share the ride to and from Ljubljana, I always meet interesting and inspiring people! Today I was talking to this guy about dreams and goals and he said: my dream is to have time. I don’t want to be a rich CEO, I don’t want to kill myself with work, I just want to be free. Free from this kind of life, free from the system. I don’t want to be rich with money, but I want to be rich with time.

What I liked about his words is that he didn’t want to be poor either, and he was actually very ambitious. He didn’t care about how much he would earn, as long as it was enough to live a life he wanted. So instead of being focused on the amount of money he would earn, he focused on the amount of time he wanted to have! He said he wanted to be free to take time for his family anytime he felt like it, to travel for months, not just a few weeks, to create a business but not be a slave to it. And I believe he will succeed. And I also believe I will.

He said all the successful people once wrote down their dreams and goals. So here I am writing mine: I too want to be rich with time and I want to be free. I want a life I don’t need a vacation from. I want to do what I love not having to think about how much I earn and how I will pay the bills. I want a life with summer and beaches all year long. And I know I will get there soon. As a matter of fact, I’m half way there already!! 😁

Write down your dreams and start living them! 😊




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